Crystal and Kyle’s love story.

Hey y’all, I am so happy because this is my first post. Yay!!!. The page was supposed to kick off in the last week of February but due to technical difficulties, here we are. I hope and pray you guys love what i have in store for you. June Wedding Diaries will comprise of a lot of juicy articles which will range from real life love stories to wedding planing tips and hacks but everything is going to be about weddings and romance.

So to kick off, Our first couple is Crystal and Kyle who have been married for a little over two years now.They were kind enough to tell me their story and i was able to cook up something really beautiful. They are very much in love and their story will make you reach for a handkerchief. So please, sit back, relax and enjoy.

Crystal & Kyle
Crystal’s Diary.
We all dream about that perfect forever with that perfect person. Love is really tricky. You see it in whistling pines,you see it in couples who have been married for 40 years, you see in the rustling trees and chirping birds in Autumn. Finding that one person that will make you feel that way is almost impossible, but when you eventually do, that person was worth the wait, the tears of failed relationships and the lonely nights.
It was a week to Memorial Weekend and these random thoughts were just floating through my mind whilst I walked down to this house gathering. I came with no expectations whatsoever and I left with the love of my life. I saw a friend with a group of people, playing spades and I joined them. I was being funny and this particular guy, he couldn’t stop laughing at my jokes. He made me feel funnier than I actually thought I was. As the night progressed it became really clear to me. I think I found him. Then I said “you are going to be my next boyfriend!” He laughed and his laughing face was the last thing I thought about as I laid in bed that night.
My life had just plummeted into a new phase and I didn’t even know. I was moving in a haze of a new found love and basking in the peace he gives me. My name is crystal and this my diary of how I fell in love and married the man God designed for me. Never have I ever met anyone so kind-hearted and selfless. He puts everyone’s needs before his own and makes sure everyone is taken care of before he considers himself.
 In the months and the years that passed, he made me feel what true love was about in how he took my tight-knit  family as his own. He showed me what it means when you invest time in someone you love. He put in time to know me, my family and for us to know us. 
I remember that day in the emergency room just like yesterday. Kyle got into a motorcycle accident and before his surgery, he told me how much he loved me and told my mom that he was going to marry me. Seven months after the incident, he took me to Kay’s Jewelers and told me to pick out a ring. After i did that, he then said “Now put that damn ring on your finger and tell everybody we engaged like i’ve been doing” oh my, I was filled with so much unfathomable emotions but mostly I was happy. Still am. The next day we flew to Honolulu, Hawaii.
Thank you all for reading, please tell your friends and family to visit,follow and comment. Some of the IG handles of the key vendors that made this ceremony a success will be listed below.
  •  Hair: @hairbykmiller
  • Makeup: @beatevisage
  • Dress: @ccsbridalboutiques
  • Photographer: @reginathephotographer
  • Florist: Crystal’s Mom
  • Venue: @sunkengarden 

 Till next week, remember, Love is a powerful force. Show some love to those around you. Bye.

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