Rules On How To Dress To A Nigerian Wedding

How to Dress to a Nigerian Wedding.

Nigerian weddings have always been about our culture, tradition and flexing our Nigerian ethnicity through our clothes, music and food.
Dressing to a Nigerian wedding even as a Nigerian can be tricky and sometimes if you are not careful, you could look out of place or offend some people with how you dressed.

  • Firstly, be Informed: Don’t go to a Nigerian wedding without been WELL informed. Make sure you know the colour of the day or you bought the aso-ebi, make sure you know the tribe of the couples getting married etc. The venue and date of the ceremony is not enough information. Be well informed. We have heard stories of people who weren’t served food at a wedding or given souvenirs because they didn’t buy aso-ebi or wear the colour of the day. Please don’t be the person that misses out on the Jollof rice at a Nigerian Wedding.
  • Dress decently: Nigerian weddings are always a family affair. Parents with judgemental looks and the inability to mind their business will be there. So cover up as much as can but still look fabulous and ready for a good time. You could pack a change of clothes for the after-after-party, when it’s just the young adults remaining. Then, you can get your sexy on.
  • Go all out: I mean, its a Nigerian wedding, some people are coming to that wedding with the sole purpose of looking for a style to sew with a new fabric they just bought or a make-up inspiration for an upcoming event. So don’t come looking low-key and casual because, I hate to break to you, but it isn’t. So, hire a make-up artist if possible to get you all glam(ed) up, get a good tailor to make your dress the rave of the party and i promise you a good time and lots of compliments and inquiries. 
  • Carry an extra low-heeled sandals or slippers in your hand-bag or car: Those jimmy choo’s or loubiton’s will get uncomfortable fast. So don’t be the girl sitting at the table looking through her uninteresting Instagram timeline because her feet hurts. Be on the safe side and come groove-ready.
  • Do not wear white: its like an unspoken rule from time in memorial. Its the brides day to glitter and shine so please don’t wear white to the ceremony except if the bride is the reasoning your ex is marrying her instead of you, then by all means, rock that whit dress honey.

Pictures via Instagram
First blue dresses Photography:@biyiadeleke
Blue Dress:@kathy_anthony
Make-up: @brushmeup_makeovers
White Dress from@ave.dress newest collection

I hope these five rules will help you know how to make the right outfit decisions to a Nigerian wedding
Until next week, I remain your favourite wedding blogger,

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