Wedding Planning Advices You Shouldn’t Overlook

Read and have a Stress Free Wedding Planning Process

  • Weddings are expensive: This cannot be overemphasized. Except you want to elope to Vegas with your beau. Please plan and save towards it. Try to save cost here and there as well. Like having your wedding on a weekday instead of the weekend. You can save up to 20- 50% of your venue.
  • Go Dress Shopping Early: A lot of complications can come up when looking for a perfect Dress. You can find your dress in the first store or in the 15th store. It all depends on your preferences, style, how picky you can be and the vision of how you want to look on your wedding day. So start your dress shopping EARLY so that if any alterations are to be made or any extra lace or beads are to be added they can be done in time for the wedding.
  • Keep your Final Week Task Free: Being Stressed out a week to your wedding can cause you to forget important details, cause breakouts on your face or cause your cycle to fluctuate which could make your period fall on the morning of your wedding. We don’t want that.
  • Try to compromise: This wedding is not your’s alone. It’s your husband’s as well as your family’s. So try to incorporate everyone’s ideas and advice in your wedding planning.
  • Accept help. You can’t do it all by yourself: Being meticulous and getting things done right is very good, but it will be your doom because you will be tired and stressed out constantly, overwhelmed and hurt the feelings of those that genuinely wanted to help you and be a part of your wedding.
  • Don’t stress about little details: Shut your eyes to that mayo salad dressing when you specifically asked for buttermilk or those table cloths that are red when you specifically asked for burgundy. Its just one day and your guests will not notice these little things.
  • Always prepare for more guests: Except you are going to have tight-end security or it’s a high-class societal wedding where only Bill Gates and Dangote are invited, Please prepare for more guests. There will be someone’s cousin that wanted to tag along or someone who didn’t mention they gave birth last summer or even party crashers. So prepare for 10 or 20 more guests. If it’s a Nigerian wedding, prepare for  50 – 100 guests. If its an Indian wedding, maybe 300.
  • Choose reliable Vendors Not Celebrity Vendors: There have been countless heinous stories about how these celebrity vendors deliberately pick a celebrity over you even after you have booked and then they will send an entirely different vendor to offer you your services. Do extensive research and check the reliability for that vendor and be sure your wedding is going to be a top priority to that vendor.
  • Get a wedding Coordinator: This is so important. Even though you planned your wedding yourself, your eyes cannot be everywhere on your wedding day. Hire a wedding coordinator to make your guests get the best treatment, to make sure the event goes according to plan and your vendors show up. Very important.
  • That Honeymoon is Important: Invest in it. After the whole wedding stress and you survived. You need to go away for a while with the love of your life and put yourself back in the zone you were before the wedding planning began.
Happy Wedding Planning.
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