6 Things To Expect In A Nigerian Wedding And How To Avoid It

 A Nigerian wedding is always a comedy show, always. We know how Nigerians don’t like to mind their business and how everyone feels entitled to some level of treatment.
Well, if you want to have a beautiful hitch-free wedding with little drama, {I can’t say no drama, I mean it’s a Nigerian Wedding, there must be an aunty that hasn’t gotten married and is dancing more than everybody so that she will be  noticed.} So if you want a wedding where plates are not broken on peoples heads. Please continue reading.

1. Fighting over food: More often than not, the food is never enough in a Nigerian wedding. It’s not your fault or your wedding planner’s fault, it’s just people will bring along a cousin or a friend or their children or even party crashers. So you need to avoid this by cooking with 100 more people in mind, get a good wedding coordinator so that the food can go round efficiently and no one feels cheated.

2. A DJ’s Song Selection: If your family is a religious family or they are reserved folks, please endeavour to know your DJ’s playlist. You don’t want your mum’s face reddened when kiss daniel’s “Madu” come on.

3. Unavailable or Unresponsive Vendors: We have heard horror stories of people calling their vendors a day before and the vendor will be like “is your wedding tomorrow?” You don’t want that. How do you salvage the problem? Get a wedding planner or a friend that will help you with wedding planning details you might forget or help you keep in touch with vendors consistently.

4. Stealing The Money Sprayed at the Wedding: There have been stories about someone’s sister or cousin or even random strangers stealing money that was sprayed. How do you tackle this? Get 3 to 4 people you trust a lot to get this done. Delegate the job to people who you know can get it done.

5. Unattended Guest: Some people have guests coming from out of town and it doesn’t cross your mind that special preparations have to be made for them like hotel accommodation among other things. How to avoid this, get a wedding planner. He/She will help you remember what might not cross your mind.

6. Fighting In-Laws: This is really tricky. Sweet-heart you don’t want fighting family members on your hands. It can be disastrous and make you cry on your wedding day. So please give your parents and inlaws enough time to get to know each other and at least get along. Make them know how important it is to you that they get along. throw in a few tears if you can to soften their hearts.

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