Norriane’s Diary. 

It was a normal day like any other at the bank, I held no expectations whatsoever and I was at that point in my life where I was tired of trying and failing. Trying and failing again. I hoped for a change, something different, something that could turn my life around completely and my heart desire walked into the banking hall in the form of a man. 
As he walked towards me with that intentional look in his eyes, somewhere in my spirit, I could feel all my worries and doubts fizzle out like ashes from a burnt out fire.

I told myself to take it slow and not build my hopes unnecessarily. His transaction ended and he left. Shortly after, he returned. I sighed “I thought today was going to be a good day, I never expected I would get a query as well” I then asked if I messed up his transaction, he said not at all and smiled again. That intentional smile. I thought to myself, today might be a good day after all. “Please, can I have your Instagram handle,” he asked… it was such a weird question but the way he was smiling, I was more than happy to give it to him. Minutes later, I saw a friend request from him. His name; David. As I walked home, I was doing my happy dance and an unknown joy was in my heart. I didn’t know I just met my soul mate.

Davids Diary.

I am so happy this Instagram trick worked. I walked up to her with so much bravado and confidence but as I came closer, her beauty took the words out of my mouth. The months have been good to me because this woman has turned my life around. We are always hopping from one restaurant to another, trying new dishes of different cultures. I think I enjoyed watching her eat more than eating the food itself. Her courage and integrity are unmatched. She always looks ten steps ahead for me and my interests concern her so much. Loving her wasn’t difficult but I sensed a woman who has been hurt before.

I badly wanted to earn her trust and be a pillar she could lean on in times of trouble. I want to protect this woman with everything I’ve got and be the man she wants me to be. I remember speaking to Brandon my friend, I told him there’s just something about this one. Lol.
We had a beach date months later and I noticed how our core values, passions, relationship with God and spiritual beliefs coincided. We’ve always had amazing chemistry and the fact that we were compatible in our belief system, really took me by surprise. That night as we walked the length and breadth of the sea with her hands in mine, I just knew it. She is the one. 

Norriane’s Diary.

It was Christmas and everyone was home. David always came with me for Christmas dinner and this year wasn’t different.there was a lot of laughter and so much food to eat, and oh, selfies. Always. lol. Anyways, it was picture time with my cousin being the photographer. I went upstairs to help her with her makeup and by the time we came back down, the backyard was already converted into a tent. Phones were up, with flashlights blinding me and by the time I could see what was happening, David was on one knee. 
We just got back from our honeymoon and I cant still shake of the surety and happiness this marriage gives me. God looked down from heaven and gave me my happy ending. I am blessed.


Hair: @dreashairlife
Makeup: @nichellemua
Dress: @rashawnrose
Photography: @lvddixon
Groom’s Blazer: @krazy_legz

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful story.
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