5 Things To Consider Before Planning A Destination Wedding

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Destination weddings are so in right now. Everybody wants a spectacular ceremony that will stand out and make waves. In order to achieve this, people are leaving their home country to get married in a sensational and beautiful place or resort away from home.

Though beautiful, it can be challenging to host a wedding outside your comfort zone. The laws and regulations are different, the ways citizens of that county do things are different so you need to be prepared and I have put together five things you should do before planning a destination wedding. Sit back and Enjoy.

1. Pick the perfect location: When planning a destination wedding you need to be conversant with the times and seasons of where you want to get married. Some beautiful locations are Abu-Dhabi, Dubai, Bora-Bora, Italy, Seychelles and much more. Research the seasons, if it’s summer or winter or if that city is prone to natural disasters.

2. It can be expensive: Weddings, first of all, are expensive. Now imagine traveling to a different country with friends and family, with all the extra cost and travel expenses. You need to be financially prepared and save save save.

3. Research Local Marriage Requirements: Marriage requirements are different for almost every country and it can difficult getting all the requirements needed. Most destination wedding planners advise couples to get married in their home country before traveling. to save you the added stress and difficulties along the way. but if you must traditionally get married, research extensively and the marriage requirements of that country.

4. Take a Planning Trip: At least once or twice. You need to book local vendors, check out venues, check out hotels for accommodation, rental cars, internet access and so on. So once or twice travel to that country and make sure everything is ok and according to plan.

5. Get a local wedding planner: This cannot be over-emphasized, get a local wedding planner. Planning a wedding is stressful, planning a wedding in another country, Double-Stress. Get a planner that can also serve as a wedding coordinator to make sure the planning process, as well as the day, turns out perfect.

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