5 Things You Can Do When Your Maid of Honor Is Pregnant

This could be heart-breaking for some of you. You expected she was going to be there for you 100% and hold you down, but she’s pregnant now and you think that that perfect vision you had for your wedding will be ruined. No, it won’t.
Firstly, I need you to be calm and see this as a good thing. Your sister or friend is pregnant. I am sure you are going to be the God-mother of that child. So chill out. Everything will still go as planned, you just have to make a few changes here and there to accommodate her. Sit back and enjoy.

1. Don’t Panic or Get Resentful: Last time I checked, the world doesn’t revolve around your wedding. Weddings are happy moments that bring family and friends together in love and companionship. Your friend is not out to hurt you or ruin your day. Just sit and have a conversation with her. If she says she wants to back out, that’s fine. If she really wants to be your maid of honour, then proceed to make her comfortable doing it.

2. Two Maids of honour: You will have to have two maids of honour. A ceremonial head and the Prime Minister. Like the British or German Government. So your friend sits with you, does the little she can like dabbing the sweat of your face, or arranging your tube dress, while the other lady does the bigger responsibilities like carrying your gown or following you to the restroom.

3. Let the dress for the Bridal Party be made to accommodate her bump: I know that you had the sexy mermaid dress in mind for your girls but you just have to change that up a bit into an A-line dress or a short dress. Something that can make your maid of honour comfortable. Or better still, if you aren’t after uniformity, Just give a colour or fabric and have each bridesmaid do what they want with it.

4. Don’t Move around too much with your bridal party: In the taking of pictures, you might want to capture all the beautiful spots around town, Well, why don’t go cut it down to the most beautiful two places. or at most, three.

5. Talk to her to Back Down: If you think that all the above mentioned is stressful and you are not ready for all of these accommodating, then, gently talk to her to back down. That will make you a horrible person, but at least you will have a perfect day.

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