Here Is Why You Need A Wedding Planner

Who is a wedding planner and why do you need a wedding planner?

A wedding planner is a person who assists with the planning, management and organization of a wedding ceremony. Some people think it must be a professional but wedding planners could be friends we trust or a group of friends, your mum, or yes a professional. 
The job of this person is to make the entire wedding planning process, stress-free for you, make sure on that day, everything goes according to plan and that he or she is equipped to handle any unforeseen incidence such as a torn dress, a drunk uncle or even inadequate food. I have put together five reasons you need a wedding planner. Sit back and Enjoy.
1. Wedding Planning Stress: Wedding planning can be stressful. Very stressful. People crying during the process, some even get sick and lose a lot of weight. So you need a wedding planner to take the stress off your shoulders. You have someone to make decisions with, some to run around with, someone to help you remember what you will forget. If it’s a professional, they have probably planned many events before yours, so they know what works and what doesn’t. This person is rather indispensable. Get a wedding planner.
2. Vendor discount: They have planned many weddings before yours, so they have worked with so many vendors. They know the best and they can get a discount for you because they have a long-lasting relationship with the vendor.
3. Wedding Day Coordination: This is one problem most weddings have. Disorganization. You can’t know what is happening from the stage you and your spouse are sitting. Coupled with the fact that if you leave your mothers in charge they will mostly fight to attend to their own side of the family first. It doesn’t mean they are bad people, this is a wedding, people get offended real quick. So you need your planner to coordinate how your day will go. From the sharing of food to the placating of guests and sitting arrangements.
4. They are very good at sticking to budgets: Wedding planners work strictly with budgets provided. Nothing more, nothing less. They give you the wedding of your dreams within the budget you have provided. If you plan your wedding yourself, there is very tendency for you to go overboard or not be wise in spending. So don’t mind the extra cost of hiring a good wedding planner. I promise you, It’s a good investment.
5. Your wedding is a top priority for them: I hate to break it to you but your wedding will not be a priority to everybody. Some people will not care. So you need to hire someone to care excessively. It is their job on the line. Their reputation, good reviews and career on the line.

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