It was evident he hadn’t been home in a couple of days. The living room stank of leftover pizzas with beer bottles scattered all over the floor. I just slid slowly to the ground as I wondered about the perilous circumstances that had befallen me. I didn’t know how things had gone south, but the truth was, at that moment, I didn’t care. I just wanted to mourn my existence. Little droplets turned into heart-wrenching sobs. My whole body shook with violent grief that wanted to burst out of their seams. I was inconsolable, I didn’t know whether to cry to God or to man to help me. I was dying slowly but I wanted to end it faster, take my own life, but God, being the unconditional lover that he is, gave me another chance.

I know you all must be wondering how it all started, well let’s leave the sad parts of my life and go back to when things were great. When things were perfect. How did I meet Michael Ndidi Okechukwu?

I just concluded NYSC and job hunting was what I thought about day and night. I had a side hustle though, I was writing for money on freelancer but my gigs came once in a while. So I had a routine, home, job hunt, church and back home. I thought I was frustrated then, but when I think of my present predicament and make a comparison chart, I laugh out loud. It was a hot afternoon. Trust Nigerian weather to always be extra. I was trying to get to Berger from the island. My God, with the sun, Lagos traffic and the fight that ensued between me and one “agbero” that day, I didn’t know I was going to go to bed with a huge grin on my face.

I was trying to cross a pool of water and my sunglasses fell. I didn’t know so I kept on going. Then I heard his voice behind me, deep but soft at the same time. When I turned and look at him, I stopped in my tracks, I didn’t know if to speak or keep looking at him. He had the ability to hold me hostage with his arresting eyes and he smelled like my mother’s garden.

“Hey, are you ok? I wanted to give you your sunglasses, it fell” he said.

Thank you” I replied.

“You look flustered; would you like to sit”

“No. Sorry, I was just thinking about something” I lied. “Thank you so much” I said trying to end the discussion but wishing it wouldn’t at the same time and thanks to the stars that aligned that day, he continued talking.

Next episode out tomorrow. Be on the lookout.

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