WDS 101(Wedding Dress Shopping 101): 5 People You Shouldn’t Take Wedding Dress Shopping

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This topic right here is something no one wants to talk about but we just have to.
No bride wants to admit that she has self-centred friends or family members, but the truth is that we all do.
Wedding dress shopping is supposed to be surreal and beautiful, and the only person’s interest that should matter is yours.
Having watched almost every episode of “Say Yes to The Dress” and having garnered so much experience and information over the years, these are five people I can tell you never to bring Wedding Dress Shopping. Let’s get right into it.

  • The “in-Vogue Fashionista”: This girl is one that thinks she is highly fashionable and knows what is best, fashion-wise. She will batter your choices and call your preferences obsolete. You don’t want this one at your WDS.
  • The In-laws: Some brides are really close to their future mothers-in-law maybe because they have dated their partners for so long that the families are now intertwined, but if this, not your situation, think it really through before extending an invitation. You can include her in other parts of the wedding, not just this one. Now don’t get me wrong, she might be a great person, but you guys haven’t spent time together and you just don’t know how open-minded and accommodating she could be. So save yourself the hassle and don’t send that invite.
  • Your Fiancé: Over the years, some brides have broken this rule and trust me, many have regretted it. Don’t put yourself through this. You would miss out on the magic of when he sees you walking down the aisle because he’d already seen it when he helped you pick out the dress.
  • The Emotional One: Now don’t get me wrong, we do want some tears all right, but if she is crying over every dress, how are we supposed to make a decision? So, the band members should be able to keep the tears in check, till the right dress comes along.
  • The Jealous Frenemy: Now no matter how we want to prove that we have a loyal circle, the truth is that not all your friends are down for you. Some people are just unhappy that finally, something good is happening for you. So find this friend and don’t invite her.

At the end of the day, when it comes to wedding planning, you have to be inclusive, accommodating but also stern and strict on what you want your wedding to look like. So, only entertain advice and suggestions that bring your dream wedding to reality.

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