#Bridal Brunch Summit 2020

Hey Guys, so a couple of years ago, I had the privilege of meeting a very purpose-driven woman. I mean she challenges me so much and I will like to introduce her to you all. Wura Manola. Events director, Lead Planner and Owner of “Manolaluxe Events”, Creator and owner of her sister company “Get Wedding Ready”, Content creator, You Tuber and finally the brains behind the “Bridal Brunch Summit” formerly known as the “London Bridal Brunch”.

Wura Manola

This has been Wura’s dream for a very long time, so she started out with an internship for a year with one of the best wedding planning company’s in the U.K. Upon completion of her internship, she got engaged to the love of her life and planned her own wedding. This wedding happened in two countries. The traditional wedding in Lagos, Nigeria and the white wedding in Newcastle U.K. A lot of planning went into that I assure you, because planning a wedding in two countries can be quite challenging. After this, that was when Manolaluxe weddings came to life fully. Now, after her nuptials, she realized that there was so much, nobody told her about wedding planning. A lot of intricate detailing and meticulous contingency plans go into wedding planning and if not done properly, mistakes could be made, a lot of money could be lost and the happiest day of your life becomes a normal Monday morning you just want to be over and done with.

#TB Summer Bridal Brunch 2019

She discovered that there are many brides who could be facing the same dilemma she faced and she was right. So she dedicated her life to helping brides-to-be. Her sister company, “Get wedding Ready” helps brides get wedding ready literally. From wedding inspiration to the most recent bridal trends to wedding planning tips, it’s got it all. She spills all the tea and she’s like your fairy godmother throughout your wedding planning period.

Bridal Brunch Summit 2020

With her vibrant and wonderful personality, she shares her wedding planning woes, wins and solutions on her YouTube page (Wura Manola) and her most recent genius idea, the “Bridal Bruch Summit”. This is a yearly event where she brings together brides-to-be, past brides, wedding vendors and the best in the business to shares their stories, ideas, wedding planning advices and an avenue to relax and receive all the help you need at an affordable price. This year’s brunch is bigger and global because its virtual. Brides from all over the world are buying their tickets, Top wedding planners from 5 different countries are going to feeding us from their well of wisdom and it is going be amazing. You cannot miss this.

Speakers at the Bridal Brunch 2020.

So Please go to https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-bridal-brunch-summit-2020-tickets-112643497734?aff=ebdssbeac and get your ticket. I promise you, you won’t regret it.

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