Tips To Plan The Perfect Proposal During Covid

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As difficult and as uncertain as this year has been, I think that 2020 still has the highest numbers of proposals. So it is safe for me to say that wedding parties and ceremonies could be out of style for now but love never goes out of style. So let me help you plan that perfect proposal.

Love Never Goes out of Style

You have to set a budget, find her ring size and Purchase that ring: I intentionally put these points together because they’d probably go hand in hand. A budget is important not only in wedding planning but in every aspect of our lives. Rings can always be changed or upgraded, more beautiful ones will still be made so if you don’t have much for now, buy what you can afford and upgrade later. Rings can be resized but if it fits perfectly, you get extra points. Maybe when she’s sleeping or you guys are playing around, use a string or a sewing thread and wrap it around her ring finger and check how many centimetres it is then use this chart. I will attach a picture below on how to calculate it. Purchase the ring locally. With the uncertainty of times the ring might arrive later than you want or when it arrives it might not be what you want. Return policies and refunds can be a bit messy at this times so to make sure everything goes smoothly, purchase within your locality.

Ring Size Chart

Plan the proposal: You have to know what she fancies. If she fancies a big proposal, you know you have to do some décor, call some people together (not above 20 for precautionary measures) get a photographer and do so much. Better still, hire a Planner. Me. Lol. Send me a mail let’s talk. If she wants something intimate, then it’s easier. Just you both, some food and good lighting/music.

Engagement Party Decor 101

Don’t put the ring in any type of food to offer an element of surprise: I have seen people put it in dishes, cakes, a champagne glass, Don’t do that. Apart from the fact that it is not hygienic, your girl might choke and you both might spend the night in the ER. Put it in your pocket, after the food bring it out and say some lovely things. Which brings me to my last point.

Eat First, Propose After.

Write a speech: The best speeches are pre-planned. Speaking from the heart is also good but the thrill of the moment and excitement can make you forget the important things. So write it down, memorize it and go confident.

Speak your Truth King

You have to make sure you are making the right decision: Marriage is forever. I don’t believe in divorces and I believe that marriages is till death so make sure you are making the right decision. Pray hard and don’t ignore the red flags. Life is full troubles so make sure that, that person will be there and patient when things are hard. Good luck. I am rooting for you.

Love that can stand the test of time.

Until next time,

It’s your favorite girl,


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