Myths About Intimate Weddings You Probably Thought Were True

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Intimate weddings are really beautiful and they are making waves now due to the pandemic. People are beginning to see that the love they share is what really counts and they don’t have to wait till this phase blows over before having their special day. This way, couples can still have their happy forever afters even with all this uncertainties. Having researched about intimate weddings, here are some things about intimate weddings we probably thought were true!

Me and You forever.

You can only invite your immediate family: This is so not true. Intimate wedding numbers can still go as high as 30 to 35 people so that those people that you want to be there can still be there.

Friends turned Family.

They are boring and dreary: I promise you they are not. A great DJ, good food, a post reception party and an over-all positive and excited attitude towards the event will make it very interesting and worth it.

Lit intimate weddings.

Intimate weddings cost Less: Everybody wants quality over quantity and no matter how the numbers go down, the prices will still be high. We have seen weddings with about 500 guests but with N1,000 per head but a wedding of 30 people with N50,000 per head. Many people want to use fresh flowers for their decor and it would be imported from South Africa. Some brides want their dresses costume made by the best designers in Australia. All these things don’t come cheap so don’t be led to believe because the numbers are small, you won’t spend as much money.

Intimate wedding ceremony in santorini.

They take a shorter period of time to plan: Wedding planning is not easy-pessy, that’s why we have professionals for this kind of thing. It takes a while due to a lot of of factors that need to be put in place and be considered. If you are interested in having an intimate wedding, start your wedding planning at least 10 months before so that you can do a lot of research and get great deals.

Start wedding planning early

Added Points:

Splurge on the necessities.
  • Make it a full weekend celebration with fun activities for everyday.
  • Add personalized touches to some parts of the wedding.
  • Splurge on the necessities like fresh flowers of your dress.
  • Hire a wedding Planner. (This cannot be over-emphasized)
  • Set a banquet styled family table.
Banquet Styled Family Table.

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