The Perfect Bridal Shower: Who, When, Where And How

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A bridal shower is one of the pre-wedding events that gets us so excited. We get an opportunity to come together, dress nicely, eat good food, enjoy good music and each other’s company. My best friend called me some days back that her cousin will be getting married and she’s on Maid of honor duties and she’s clueless on how to plan a bridal shower. So I decide to put together this article for people like her who just needs a little help. Here is a step by step procedure to planning the perfect bridal shower.

Bridal Shower 101.

A Budget: If you’ve been following me for a while, you will know how important a budget is. It makes your decision making easy and uncomplicated. At least you know how much you have to spend and things to get under that budget.

Bridal Shower Budget.

Date: you should start planning a bridal brunch 4 months in advance or at least 2 months. You don’t want it to hold too close to the wedding so it doesn’t interfere with the busiest wedding planning period which is the last two months. For some added points, remember a summer bridal shower will always beat a winter bridal shower.

A summer bridal shower.

A guest list: Put together a guest list, the right guest list. You don’t have to include the bride’s grandmother or her friends from pre-school. Just make sure you run the list by her and make sure no one invited is going to cause any problems that day.


A great Location: Either a garden venue or a hotel space or buying out a restaurant for some hours, just make sure it fits your specifications like how many people it can fit, If the venue is available on the date you need it and if its rental fits into your budget with so much more.

Great Indoor Location.

A deign theme: A theme is important because this will inform your decisions on décor, place settings and so much more. You can go for a theme like a flower bloom fiesta. You can include a lot of fresh flowers or fake flowers in your décor, depending on your budget and use flower stained table cloths and plates and you can also include them in your invites and game cards. More deign themes are: Chocolate dream, A travel Experience, Honey-moon theme

Garden party table setup

Stationery: Things like invitation cards, menu cards if it is a plated dinner and so much more, pens for games, game cards. Make it pretty and put your personalized touches on them.


Décor: Let’s use my “Flower bloom fiesta” Theme. Make those flower’s rain. Lol. Use beautiful blooms, a floral wall as a backdrop, a decorated seat of honor and as much more as you want to infuse. Get professional help if the task is too daunting for you. A certified decorator.

Seat of Honor.

Food and Drinks: Try easy dishes, nothing too complicated so that it’s easy to eat and clean up afterward if necessary. Foods like finger foods, salads, cupcakes, fresh fruits, parfaits and so much more. For the drinks, use cocktails in flowery glitter stained glasses so they are more colorful and match your theme.

Personalized cocktail glasses.
Food Fiesta.

Dress Code: Don’t go with something too expensive just go easy. Give the girls like a color or a touch of blue or pink for that added kick.

#Something Blush

Games: To make the event livelier and bring so much laughter, include fun games that can keep everyone engaged. Games like romantic movie quotes, who sang it? Bride& Groom trivia Something to keep them engaged and have a really fun time.

Bride & Groom Trivia.

The right playlist: You need a banging playlist or better still hire a great DJ and give him a list of songs the bride will like to hear.

A Banging Playlist

Added Tips.

Party Favors.
  1. Create a gift station for presents.
  2. Prepare a beautiful toast for the bride
  3. Pass out party favors like colorful personalized tote bags, mini hand lotions, scented candles
  4. Work on a wedding hashtags so the pictures can be one place on social media.
  5. Buy festive bridal shower signs like “bride to be”, “next in line”
  6. A surprise appearance by the groom at the end will be an added spice.
The beginning of forever.

I hope these tips help you with planning the perfect bridal shower. Remember if these task is too daunting you can always hire a planner that specializes in small events.

Until next time,

Love, Oby.

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