Unconventional Wedding Trends

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 Every year, weddings are getting better and more daring. Wedding professionals continue to blow us away with bold flavors and added twists to wedding styling, décor and design. I am going to take you guys on a journey of unconventional trends 2020 weddings has brought our way. Some brides are beginning to take their wedding planning and design outside the box and we are all for it.

Intimate wedding ceremony decor.

Adventurous Colors: Wedding colors are getting bolder with couples willing to step outside the norm. Many people have been led to believe that weddings should have nude and quaint colors but wedding professionals are changing the narrative.

Adventurous Colors.

Statement Jewelry: No, I am not talking about engagement rings, I am talking of necklaces and bold bracelets that are really speaking statement languages. The best tip I can give for this trend is before you accessorize boldly, Dress down a bit. A minimalist dress that is not too busy.

Statement Jewelry 101.

Intimate/Micro Weddings: Some couples are not willing to wait till circumstances get better. They are willing to have small celebrations now with their close family and friends and enjoy the moments and the fulfillment that comes with it.

Intimate reception Garden Set-up

Organic décor: Many couples are trying to go for very natural and minimal or no fixings at all. They let the flowers, trees and natural aesthetics speak for themselves.

An organic fall wedding decor.

Ditching Wedding Party Norms: Grooms are going for female groomsmen’s and brides going for Men of Honor. This is a trend we hope to see more of.

A male bridesmaid.

Stay-cations, Buddy-moons, Later-moons & Mini-moons: Many couples are not able to travel to their favorite spots now due to the lockdown measures and for some, they are on a budget. So couples are either waiting until a favorable time (later-moon) or having a smaller honeymoon to places closer to base (mini-moons or stay-cations) and finally they travel in groups with other honey-mooners to reduce cost and for a more fun experience. (buddy-moons)

Staycation 101.

Non-traditional Wedding Dresses: This started in 2019 but brides are “upping” their game now. Brides are no longer going for the conventional ball or mermaid gowns, they are going with bohemian vibes, blush, pink or even black wedding dresses, jumpsuits or two-in-1 dresses. This trend is here to stay and brides are loving it.

A pink ruffled number.

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