Wedding Planning Mistakes Brides Are Likely To Make

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Wedding planning is one of the most exciting times in a bride’s life and often times it comes with a whole lot of overwhelming feelings that can leave you frustrated,you then loose focus and make mistakes but I am here to help get it right. You’ve already got so much on your plate, so I want to make this as stress-free as possible for you. I will always advice brides to get a wedding planner because you pay them to take this kinda stress off you and they will go over and beyond to keep their clientele happy but if you are planning your wedding by yourself or even if you have a wedding planner, these are the kind of mistakes you shouldn’t be making.


Not reading every line of that Contract: This cannot be overemphasized. Its so important. Many couples have lost a lot of money because they consented to some cancellation of deposit fees, especially at this time that nothing is sure anymore. The government is not even helping, today they open the streets, tomorrow they will decrease the numbers or shut down venues. So make sure you consent to what you are comfortable with.

A sample of a wedding planner contract.

Becoming an Instagram/Pinterest Addict: I know that you want the best for your wedding, you want your wedding to be so special and much talked about, You want it to be on the major inspiration pages and websites and in your quest for the latest trends, you start to look and look and look and you put yourself in a rot where you are confused and you don’t even know what you want anymore. So please go easy on the search, when you find what you absolutely love, STOP looking.


Stressing out: Like I said in the beginning, wedding planning can be so stressful and in a quest to make sure everything is perfect and done right, you start stressing, stressing about the weather, stressing about the food and the salad dressing, stressing about the vendors that might not make it in time, before you know it you are scaring everyone away. Girl please, cut yourself some slack.


Not trying out all your outfits and accessories before the big day: Many brides have had to walk barefoot because how tight or painful their shoes were or they couldn’t move in their dresses because of how uncomfortable it was. Please and please, Move, dance, catwalk, bend, run even in everything.

Happy brides are the prettiest brides.

Getting on a quick weight loss plan: Why put yourself under that kind of pressure, you already have a lot on your plate, you then add this? Don’t get me wrong, loosing some weight to look thinner on your wedding day is great idea but what if you don’t and you start stressing out and crying? then what? Some brides get dresses two sizes smaller so that they can loose weight for the dress. Come on. And by the way, these crash courses don’t work.

Wedding weight-loss plan.

Pulling off a destination wedding when you obviously know you can’t. The constant pressure to deliver and be the best has put a lot of couples in so much debt that they can’t get out of. If a wedding in your country is what you can afford,then do just that. The people you are trying to impress will talk anyways, so please hop down from this societal pressure train and do you.

A beautiful destination wedding decor.

Going DIY crazy: Some brides want to design their dresses, bake their cake, arrange their wedding favors all by themselves. It’s a good call if you are trying to save some money but this kinda call leaves you stressed out on your wedding day. So get wedding professionals to do this for you.

A DIY-ed Wedding decor.

Don’t bow to bridal pressure: Many brides must have gone to their friends wedding and even if it wasn’t their original wedding theme, they begin to entertain this. Or because their group of sorority sisters or rich friends from college are going to be there, they feel like they are forced to deliver. Girl this wedding is about you, your souse and your lives together, nothing else matters. Do you.

Happy young black couple having fun in the city.

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