How To Honor Your Loved Ones That Are Gone In Your Wedding Ceremony

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The loss of loved ones can be very heart-breaking especially when we know that they are not going to there when that special day comes along. Now a wedding day is not a day to remember them with tears but with joy in our hearts that even though they are gone, they watch over us from heaven and we carry them in our spirit. These are few ways we can incorporate their presence on our big day.

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Wear your Mom’s wedding dress: Many people might be like their mum’s dress is old school, but an old dress can be revamped into a modernized wedding dress. You could take the dress to a bridal shop that has a great alteration section, give them your vision and let it be incorporated without the dress losing its original charm.

A bride wearing her mama’s revamped wedding dress

Incorporate a special cultural attire: Their special attire can be attached into the décor or cake design. Like your mom’s favorite wrapper, if you are African, or a traditional checked wrap skirt if you are Scottish.

Original kente fabric of Ghana.

Play their favorite songs: A couple I know had their first dance to the same song their parents danced to when they got married. It was so romantic and they felt their parents were with them, right there. You could do same or incorporate a couple of songs your parents liked into your wedding playlist.

Beautiful couple dancing to their special song

Honor their memory in the ceremony: Give a minute of silence when giving your vote of thanks or talk about them when giving a speech. You could leave an empty seat with their name on it. Like a Chair in front which says Father-of-the-bride or Mother-of-the-groom. You could give a special toast too in their honor.

Emotional groom speech.

Choose an important wedding venue: I know a bride who’s going all the way back home to get married in the same cathedral her mom got married. Now that is a great way to walk hand-in-hand with her mama down the aisle.

Wear their picture on you: You could have a memorial pin or a locket that has their picture in it attached to your boutonniere or wedding bouquet.

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