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We all know that great food is one of the most important part of any event. Be it a wedding or some other kind of event. As a Nigerian, I know that I cannot go to a Nigerian party without eating the jollof rice and small chops. Its not that there is no rice in my house but party jollof hits different. Lol. There are many things that go into having great food at a party but the first point I am going to be discussing today is the menu itself. The menu is very important especially if you are catering to a wide range of diverse guests. Most weddings these days are trying to be inclusive in their menu by including low-calorie dishes for their older guests, gluten-free dishes for their selective guests and a wide range of inter-continental dishes for their upper-class elitist guests. But most Nigerians don’t care. Lol. In fact they don’t want you to eat at their wedding. Drink one malt and go. But if you really want your guests to have a good time, keep reading. Most Nigerian parties have three course meals. So I am going to be giving us examples of Three courses that can be served at a Nigerian wedding.


Pan Fried Coconut Jollof Chicken

Samosa’s and Spring rolls

Cheesy baked Plantains

Deviled Eggs

Fruit Salad

Peppered Gizzards/ Snails

Chicken Kebabs

Abacha with roasted Fish and Ugba (African salad)


Yam Chips and pepper sauce

Cat Fish Pepper-Soup

Main Course:

Jollof Rice

Fried Rice

Ofada Rice

Chinese Fried Rice

Singapore noodles

Spaghetti Bolognese

Moin Moin topped with smoked makerel

Pounded and Egusi

Amala and gbegiri/ ewedu


Monogram Cream Tart Cake

Yogurt and Fruit Parfaits

Blackberry or Blueberry Hand Pies

Fancy Chocolate dipped strawberries

Dipped Doughnuts

Wedding Cakes

Cupcakes with Edible flowers


Levelled up Ice cream

These dishes and desserts can help you in making the right decisions when it comes to your menu.

Disclaimer: All pictures were sourced from Instagram and Google.

Until next week, it’s still me, Oby.

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