All You Need To Know About Planning A Fall/Autumn Wedding

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Fall season is my favorite season, in the year. In Nigeria, we call it Harmattan. It’s cold, dry leaves everywhere, windy and it has the smell of Christmas. This time of the year is the most beautiful because it’s seasonal colors are just amazing and what better time to get married than fall. So, I am going to be giving us a few tips on planning your perfect day in fall.

Fall Weddings for the win.

Wedding Colors: Fall colors make a great wedding palette. From burgundy to bright yellow shades to warm jewel tones and some deep green with touches of white, the list is endless. Rich shades of purple can also be considered, incorporate these colors into every facet of the wedding and I promise you, you will be amazed.

Wedding Attire: It would be better to get a dress with long sleeves or a festive fur shawl, not only that it is practical to protect you from the cold but it also elegant and gives you a refined bridal look. Also offer your guests gifts of comfort like blankets or customized wedding sweatshirts to keep the cold away. Dress your groomsmen and bridesmaids right. For the guys, their ties and boutonnieres can match the bridesmaids’ dresses which would be in bright fall tones along with their bouquets which could be pretty miniatures of the bride’s bouquet.

Wedding Cake: Fall inspired cake flavors and decor can be hearty. Some fall flavors range from caramel, chocolate, cranberry fillings to spicy apple flavors and seasonal colors and accents like mustard yellows, metallic tones, jewel tones and some burgundy.

Fall Decor and table setting: One thing I love about fall is that it provides enough beauty for an organic decor. No additives whatsoever. The foliage can be used as a backdrop and the beautiful trees with their gorgeous colors are enough. If you are using added decor, use flowers in season like garden roses, anemones or colored foliage, if you are considering silk arrangements, use your palette to decide the flowers to be used. Fall is also a harvest season, so why not source some local produce like fruits and veggies that can become stunning centerpieces.

Wedding Stationery: Let your Paper goods reflect the fall colors and aesthetics like fall trees and pumpkins. For example this couple used,. The windy weather can wreck paper goods, so you could consider using sturdier materials like leather to enclose them.

Wedding Bouquets: At this time of the year, flowers are blooming, leaves are changing colors and veggies are all being harvested, so take advantage by adding these elements into your fall floral designs. Use vibrant colors and autumnal blooms as inspiration for your own bridal bouquet. You could use seasonal flowers like astilbe and asters in hues like burnt orange, yellow and burgundy.

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