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It was a night to our wedding, everyone was excited and in high spirits. My mum was still calling me about her Gele vendor and how her friend’s style is bigger than hers. She said hers must block road, cause small commotion, Lol. My sister in-laws, my sisters and friends were already cooped up in the hotel room dancing and asking me all manner of questions I didn’t want to answer and giving me gifts that made my cheeks redden with embarrassment. I was happy and fulfilled. With laughter on my lips and love in my heart, I looked up with thankfulness, that God has given me an opportunity to love and be loved in this cruel world. Lost in thought, I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. It read “The roof” from the man that puts a smile on my face. I excused myself as I ran up the roof. When I saw him, leaning on the rails, overlooking the ocean, my heart flustered in ways I couldn’t express. God loved me so much, in spite of myself and blessed me with a man like Kene.

 As I hugged him from behind, I heard him chuckle. “Did you run up here?” “For you, I would run a thousand miles” I answered. I saw a wishful look come into his beautiful eyes. “Babe I can’t believe this day we’ve waited for all our life is here already. I bless the day we bumped into each other at the train station. Funny enough we took a journey together that stopped in Birmingham, but continued in our lifetimes” I was already tearing up listening to him. I prayed for him and I couldn’t believe that he was already standing in front of me. “Don’t cry my darling. The beginning of forever is here and we have our whole lifetime to cry, to laugh, to pray and to make fun of each other. I love you so much Olilianya” “I love you too Kenechukwu” He gave a hearty laughter amidst his tears as he wiped mine off. “This got too emotional too quickly” I laughed as well. “I have to go pick up uncle Ikenna from the Airport. Mum said he took the last flight from Owerri to Lagos” “You are going MM2 by 9pm?” I asked, “What one does for family” he shrugged. “Please be careful ok?” “Always am” He replied. “See you tomorrow future Mrs. Olly Amafor” I laughed.

We heard a knock at the door of the hotel room; one of my bridesmaids opened the door and told me a police officer was looking for me. I was still laughing at what one of the girls said until I saw the countenance of the police officer. “Ma, we are really sorry to inform you that one Mr. Kenechukwu Amafor was just shot for refusing to cooperate with Law enforcement along Ikeja express, We are really sorry for your loss, but the SARS officials said he looked suspicious and refused to show them his phones or come down from his Car. We are really sorry for your loss”

#End Police Brutality #End SARS.

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