Tips On Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress For You

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  • Location: Knowing where your wedding is taking place will help you narrow your research. If you are getting married in a cathedral, you know you have to start looking that statement ball gowns to match the aesthetics.
  • Start Early: Wedding dress shopping can be very confusing because you have a lot of options to choose from and if you start late, those options can overwhelm you. Another thing is that, picking your wedding dress  has to be a well thought -out decision. You have to give yourself time to say yes to that perfect dress. And if you are having it custom made, every bridal fashion designer needs at least 4 months to have your dress ready.
  • Set a Budget: Figure how much you want to spend on a wedding dress so that you know what you can afford. It will also help you in your decision of knowing if you will rent or buy or have it custom made. If you are going into a bridal store, make sure you tell your consultant how much your budget is so that you don’t end up falling in love with a dress way above your price point. Also remember to factor in alteration costs, shipping fees, steaming fees. Etc.
  • Do Your Research: Start pouring over magazines to know the different kinds of fabrics and the type of dress and color tones that will fit your body type and shade. Brides are going unconventional these days, so you have to research and find out which of these unconventional trends you want to try out. Make a wedding dress binder if you have to and continue to research until you come to a conclusion of what your perfect dress will be.
  • Keep an Open Mind: You might already have your mind set on what you want, but when you go in for your bridal appointment, try to keep an open mind because you might end being surprised by what other silhouettes might have to offer. Trust in the years of experience of your bridal consultant and be ready to say yes that dress that makes everyone go WOW.
  • Focus on Fit, Not Size: Bridal wear often run smaller than ready- to-wear, so you may have to go a size or two sizes up. So don’t insist on a size and try to loose weight to get into a smaller dress, order a dress that fits now and stay in shape till the wedding. A dress is easy to take in but difficult and costly to let out.
  • Do not get too caught up in the latest bridal trends: Do not go down that rabbit hole that has no destination. When you are sure that you have found what you are looking, stop looking so you don’t overwhelm yourself with so much options.
  • Cut down on the crowd: You might think having a large opinion pool would help you in making the right decision but this could do the exact opposite. Your entourage might come in with different expectations and you might have to leave without a dress, so cut down on the crowd.
  • Test for comfort: Move in that dress, dance, sit, catwalk, run if you have to but make sure your dress is very comfortable because you will be wearing it for more than 10 hours on the day.

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