Bridal Shower Planning/ Hen Parties 101

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I had the privilege of planning one of my best friend’s bridal shower and it has been so fulfilling I assure you. So, you might be the sister of the bride or her maid of honor or just someone in your clique with mad organizational skills and you want to plan a bridal shower, I’ve got you. Everything you need to know whilst planning a bridal shower is on this blog post, Let’s get started.

Happy girls are the prettiest.
  • A Venue: When we have a venue, we have a date. A venue can go from as enclosed as a hotel room to as a big as an intimate event venue or even an outdoor space. It all depends on the budget for the shower and the number of ladies that will be present. The bigger the guest list, the bigger the venue and also the more expensive the venue gets. Also, the ambience you are trying to create gives you an idea of what type of venue to go for. If you have a garden-themed intimate party in mind, you should be looking for enclosed garden type venues. Try to cut the venue rates by requesting an hourly rate instead of a full-day hire and cut out the exuberant prices.
  • A Date: It is always advisable to keep the date for the shower 1 or 2 weeks before the wedding. Some bridal showers include spa dates and a bridesmaid or worse the bride might react to a supplement or essential oil; it could be devastating. Some of these parties get too wild and if you do it a night to the wedding, the whole bridal party might not make it to the ceremony on time.
  • A budget: Are you going big or going home OR are you on a budget. This will determine a lot. The kind of vendors you will hire for the event, the venue and how luxurious the experience will be. DO NOT PLAN WITH MONEY YOU ABOUT TO RECEIVE OR MONEY YOU WERE PROMISED. PLAN WITH WHAT YOU HAVE. If the financial promises finally come in, then you can adjust your budget accordingly.
  • A guest list: As you put together the guest list, you should enlist the help of the bride, she knows the people she wants at the shower but most importantly, the people she doesn’t want there. Be picky. We don’t want world war three at the event and spoil the bride’s special day.
  • Vendors: There is a budget for every price range. As it’s a pre-wedding festivity some vendors might be a bit pricey but you will always find someone that is TALENTED, PROFESSIONAL, and can work with your BUDGET.
  • Dress code: Choose something that fits all body shapes, all skin colors and it’s not difficult to source for.
  • Food: Pick finger foods over main dishes. They are easy to clean up after and they don’t require a lot of precision and cost less.
  • Timelines: To make the planning process easy for you create a bridal shower planning timeline and also an on-the-day timeline so that the day can go smoothly without any hiccups and also so that the bridal shower planning will not be overwhelming for you. Divide task into a weekly format; maybe two tasks per week leading up to the event date.
  • WHATEVER YOU REMEMBER, WRITE IT DOWN: Always carry your notepad around. It might be serviettes, shuttle transport, coupons or even collecting the key to the venue ahead of time for the decorators. Stop everything you are doing and write it down.

I hope I have been able to help you with everything you might need. If you need anymore advice or help or you have any questions, please reach out to me by mail at or call me on 09054551558.

Cheers to the good life mi darlings.

Until next time, I still remain your favorite wedding blogger, Oby.

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