Elizabeth And Michael’s Love Story

Happy New Year! I am so excited to be starting off this New Year with a beautiful couple Elizabeth and Michael. Elizabeth has been one of our loyal followers for a while and what really fascinates me about her is her smile. In the good and bad times her smile never gives way for negativity and when we heard that she got marrieddd!!!, we were ecstatic. I am going to be sharing her love story with you guys in a minute. Sit back, relax and read one of the most wonderful love stories I have ever read.

Lizzy & Mike

Elizabeth’s Diary.

My parents had just moved to a new church that happened to be his church and I had been attending this church for over a year (although off and on because of school) before we met and spoke for the first time. Although, Femi had known me since I was a kid…(yes literally, lol). We didn’t talk the first time I saw him, we simply just exchanged pleasantries and it remained like that until we met again at a camp program… There and then we got talking; we had a great connection from talking about God and scriptures. We moved from that to becoming each other’s accountability partners on spiritual growth. We would regularly discuss at length scriptures we are currently studying and learning from and boom we discovered that we always looked forward to “study time”…lol. We sure had a great connection!

A month later, Femi asked me out and I was like “somebody cannot play with these brothers o, small connection like this, they haff catch feelings?  Anyway, I responded with the regular “let me pray about it”. Well, yes I thought I liked him and all but I wasn’t sure I was ready for a relationship but then I prayed about it and had strong convictions in my heart about him and I said my “first” Yes few days to my birthday specifically 2nd of February, 2017.

Elizabeth dairy continues…. How did he propose?

He connived with everyone special to me to pull two surprises on me for my birthday last year 😫. For the birthday surprise,after seeing all my friends(especially the ones that travelled down), I threw my shoes off, Tried to run out but they dragged me back… Then I came back to sit on the floor with my fine cloth trying to process what was going on…Did I cry?? Yes ooo, hard geh like me(I was totally caught off guard) and then when I thought birthday was over ooo … we had prayed, eaten, cut the cake, danced and all. I was even gisting uncle over the phone about the whole birthday surprise as he was supposedly at the office, little did I know he was the master planner😫

One eternity later, when I thought the birthday was over, Uncle (that was supposed to be at the office) walks in with more of our friends, with a ring asking me to marry him, this time I was stuck in my chair for close to 5mins before I could get myself back to even respond (your girl was super shocked)…lol The proposal was a truly special moment.

  • Hair: @Hairsquire
  •  Make-up: @Mz_dupeolaa_
  •  Wedding Dress: @lilybridals_ng
  •  Photography: @Innovative_fotography
  • Florist/decorator: @othreeevents
  •  Groom Outfit: @hunjenukon_

I hope you guys enjoyed their beautiful story. Until next time, i still remain your favourite wedding planner, Oby.

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