How To Be A Great Maid Of Honor

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So Last week one of my good friends asked me, Oby, how can I be a great chief bridesmaid? That was when It hit me that many maid of honor-to-be don’t ask this question, including my very self,  and if you haven’t been one before there is a 50% chance that you might blow it. Wedding preparation and bridal party roles should be taken a bit more seriously because sometimes it can make or break the success of the ceremonies. So thank you Onyi for bringing this to my attention.

Now, when it comes to wedding party roles, the bride can assign responsibilities to whoever she thinks is the best man for the Job. So sometimes as the maid of honour you might feel like she’s not giving you the free reign to do what you are supposed to do, but remember it’s her day and we are all there to support her in anyway she wants. Be as tolerable, friendly and understanding as possible.

How to be a great Maid-of-Honour.

  1. Accompany the bride to wedding appointments: There will be many wedding appointments to attend which will require many decision making. She will need an extra head and an extra pair of eyes and you should be able to provide it for her. These appointments can range from dress fittings, cake tastings, décor and event rentals, venue visits etc. These visits could also foster greater experiences between you and your best gal.
  2. Carrying the bridesmaids along: some Bridesmaids might have never met each other before so it might be difficult to get along with someone they don’t know. So you could organize a get-together so that everyone can get acquainted with each other. Another way to involve everyone is to involve them in the bridal shower planning, which brings me to my third point.
  3. Planning the Bridal shower: It is also the maid of honor’s responsibility to plan a banging bachelorette party. You can enlist the help of the other bridesmaids to help out to making the day as special as possible.
  4. Kill your reception speech: Although public speaking can be a daunting task, you can make it memorable for the bride. My best advice to you is that you should sit down and write something great. Don’t wing it. Make it simple and speak from your heart. Talk about your friendship with her and how loving and inspiring she is, talk about the love she shares with her husband and how they are a match made in heaven. Leave out any embarrassing jokes and give a toast. So simple.
  5. Go the Extra mile on the day for her: Think about the things that she might forget. She might forget to eat because of how busy the day will be, carry protein bars for her to munch on and water for her to stay hydrated. Encourage the new couple to sneak away for a little bit from all the craze and really enjoy being finally hitched.

Kill it sister, I am rooting for you. Until next time, I still remain your favorite wedding blogger, Oby.

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