Eniola And Her Bridesmaids(The Fashionista, The Debbie Downer & The Pillar)

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“This wedding has to be over before I lose my mind”, Eniola lamented to her fiancé as she paced from one extreme end of the room to other with her phone to her ear. “Is it your bridesmaids again”? he asked, “what else could it be?” I fired back. “We should have gone with the original plan to have a private ceremony on the Island”, He reminded me. “What happened this time around?” He continues asking “Teddy is acting like this is her wedding, I asked to please order the jimmy Choo heels I loved but instead I received black Louboutin’s. When I asked her, she said this would be better, that my choice was wacky, Meee..” I was too exasperated to be placated. “Babe just calm down,” he tried to calm me down “don’t tell me to calm down, I am not done. Nifemi has no interest whatsoever in what is going on. If we talk about the bridal shower, she’s like I don’t think I will be available, if we talk dress fittings, she acts uninterested. I am forced to think she’s jealous. I know Tade left her at the altar last summer but it’s not my fault now. I am just tired.

“Babe please just take it easy, the wedding is a month away, all this will be over sooner than we expect ok?” Ok. He always knew the right words to calm me down. “what about Laide” He asked, that question seemed to bring some excitement into my voice. “Laide has been the best maid of honor ever. She’s taking me to Jara Resort next weekend for a weekend getaway. She’s just the best. Yesterday when it felt like it was too much for me and I went into the bathroom to cry I heard her come into the room and warned the girls seriously to get their act together. That really put a smile on my face.” “You see, everything is going to be fine” He said. “I will be coming into Lagos in two weeks’ time, let’s get this over and done with so that our lives can begin” “I can’t wait” I replied.

“I love you so much aya mi. Making the decision to spend the rest of my life with you is best and wisest decision I ever made. Blessed is what I am that I get to call you wife in a few weeks. You have brought nothing but completeness and joy since you came into my life and I promise to love you till the day I die.” He sounded really emotional but everything is a Joke to me. “Aww babe, are you sure you didn’t just read out your vows, don’t come and stammer that day o.” He went into a mock rage. “Why can’t you ever be serious in this your life” We laughed into the night with contentment in our hearts. God got us. I knew this.

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