Four(4) Ways To Announce Your Engagement

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After you and your newly minted fiancé bask in that post-engagement glow for a while, it’s time to tell your friends and family. You’ll want to let the closest people in your lives know first. This could mean your parents, your children(if you have any),your grandparents, siblings, fave cousins or BFFs.
Then you’ll start to think of letting the public know about your big and wonderful news. Sometimes the over-excitement might cause you some confusion on how to go public in announcing your engagement, but don’t worry,
Here are five ways that can help you announce your engagement!

Kemi & Kofi.
  1. SEND AN INVITATION FOR A PARTY: If you have the funds and you would like to celebrate, by all means, celebrate in style with a party. People may have already heard the news, so make it official with an engagement party invite (and chardonnay of course).
  2. DELIVER THE NEWS IN PERSON: Sharing your excitement with your close circle before word starts to spread(and it will), is so priceless. With COVID and social distancing it might seem impossible but pick up the phone, Face time them or send a personalized message with that ring.
  3. POST TO SOCIAL MEDIA: Take a really great picture with your significant other with the ring shining in the sun, (blind all your enemies) lol. Tell your love story in a captivating caption and post it on your favorite channel, whatever it might be. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and let your engagement go viral.
  4. SEND A VIDEO: If a videographer was hired to capture the proposal, share the highlight reel by email. 30 seconds at most. Even a boomerang of your new ring will give this kind of announcement some sparkle and buzz.
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Congratulations on your engagement and we wish you a more amazing wedding!!!

Color for days.

Couple Inspiration: Kemishia Sorzano (@oliritrini) & Kofi Minta (@hoteldevelopment_man) Read their Full Story on

Oliri Trini said yes to her Ghanaian Boo.

Photography: Austin Photographer: @mesh_bhakta

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