Wedding Dress: Difference Between Buying And Hiring And Which Is More Suitable For You?

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Every bride has dreamt of the perfect wedding dress, as a bride to be , you’ll always have an idea of what you want, whether A-line, mermaid or trumpet, ball or princess or very unconventional like a jumpsuit. Pinterest and Instagram has made it so much easier with thousands of amazing ideas for wedding dresses. There are two main options in getting a dress for your special day. It’s either you are buying or hiring a wedding dress, Let us help you identify which would be more suitable for you.

Designer: Andrea Iyamah.

Buying Your Wedding Dress
When you choose to buy your wedding dress, you can go with into a bridal boutique and say yes to an off-the-rack gown or have it personalized. Nigeria is a country that is blessed with talented wedding dress designers; In other words there are of lots of amazing designers to choose from. And there are Bridal Boutiques that can also offer dresses that are imported from renowned designers overseas. You have so much to choose from.

Having your wedding dress made is a great way of showing off creative talent and personal style. This will make you feel confident and stunning on that special day, because you know you are wearing something that your heart loves. All you have to do is DREAM IT and leave the rest to your trusted designer who is capable of bringing it to reality. Designing your wedding dress will also help you explore your mind because you will be able to bring all your desires and ideas together to create your dream wedding dress!
Mind you, buying it has it’s pros and cons.

Designer: Matopeda.

The Pros of Buying a Dress
. The designer will bring your dreams to life. Literally. So there are no limits!
. Your dress will be get to you in time, this will give you more than enough time for little alterations and an opportunity to match your accessories to the dress.
. You will have access to a designer to create the extra accessories (e.g. veil, cape
. You can keep it to yourself forever because it’s yours (obviously)

The Cons of Buying a Dress
. It can be very expensive, wedding dresses designed from the scratch don’t come cheap.
. Going for fittings usually takes time, this can become an inconvenience especially for working class brides to-be
. Most designed dresses that are personalized are usually very elaborate (so many inticacies) In other words it can only be worn once.
. Storage and maintenance of the dress can be exhausting because it is bound to take a lot of space.

Designer Ese Azenabor.

Hiring a Dress
Lots of intending brides think it’s not necessary to spend so much on your wedding dress, especially if it’s going to be worn just once. They believe you can opt to hire instead; by hiring a dress, you can achieve the same level of elegance for wayyy less. Hiring a dress is mainly considered by budget brides. Some brides believe instead of spending so much on a dress, why not splurge on an expensive honeymoon destination.

Hiring a dress doesn’t mean you won’t look like a princess or feel as beautiful on your wedding day. It’s a much viable option for getting those big designer name gowns. These designer wedding dresses that you might have probably googled and they seem to be unobtainable can now become a reality for you. Having your dress designed by a renowned designer can cost you millions while renting will cost you much less. So if you’re the type of person that finds spending lots of money unnecessary, then hiring a dress will be a better option for you!
Hiring a Dress also comes with it’s pros and cons.

Designer: Tosho woods.

The Pros of Hiring a Dress
.The price! Of course this is probably the most Important pro as this is a very wonderful way to save loads of money
. You already know what the dress looks like and you obviously love it. This can really save you the stress of too many fittings
. You know the dress style early enough, that gives you a head start to shop for the right accessories.
. The dress will be returned. So there won’t be any need for storage and maintenance

The Cons of Hiring a Dress
. You might not get what you want, despite the fact that you’re renting, you definitely have something in mind and you might see something different from what you want.
. Some plus-sized brides find it really challenging finding the perfect rental dress because finding the perfect fit can sometimes be almost impossible.
.You might be lucky enough to alter the dress but you won’t be able to give it that personal touch.
. There are liability costs. Just thinking of the payments you might be making for damages can cause you to be over-cautious and paranoid. And we wouldn’t want that for you.

Designer: April By Kunbi.

What Suits You?
Doesn’t matter whether you are buying or hiring, Ensure you work with your budget and most importantly, do you! Your wedding dress must be what you love because a confident bride is a beautiful bride.
Your dream dress is out there waiting for you.

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