Nyamayia And Tyler’s Love Story

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Hey y’all. I know it’s been a minute I gave you a real life love story but this couple are the cutest I have come across in a while, their love story, even cuter. When I came across their wedding pictures last year, I knew this couple must have gone through so much and this has taught them overtime to see importance in the things that matter, things most couples overlook. They had a small wedding during the pandemic and you could see that the love they shared, was all that mattered. Please read below my interesting interview with Nyamayia and Tyler.

Oby: How did you guys meet?

Nyamayia: We met at Salisbury Uni. I went to his apartment with some friends and he came out shirtless trying to thirst trap. I told him I liked his beard. After that we would randomly bump into each other on campus and he would always say hello and I would skeptically say hello because I didn’t remember who he was.

Tyler: We met in college. She met my friends through a friend of hers before I met her. So she was in my apartment and when I heard her voice I came out of my room to greet her. I must admit I was shirtless because I knew it was a woman so I was trying to show off.  I introduced myself and she told me she liked my beard.

Oby: What traits do you value most in your partner

Nyamayia: Tyler is very patient and level headed and I’m the exact opposite lol

Tyler: My wife is nurturing, caring, protective and has a wonderful sense of humor.

Oby: When you tell your friends about each other, when you guys were dating, what did you say.

Nyamayia: I told Laurine, my girlfriend that I wasn’t sure about him and that he was giving off boy vibes, but he quickly changed that and he was a gentleman, respectful, God fearing, loving, kind and personable

Tyler: When I told my friends we were dating they said they already knew what was going on. My friend Ashton claimed he knew from the beginning that my wife liked me. He used to make fun of me saying I was skipping parties to go hang with her and boo love. Then when I posted her for the first time on my Instagram story that is when he said I stamped her.

Oby: In What moment did you know He or She was the One.

Nyamayia: I was at school and called him late in the evening because I needed help and he packed up his bag and drove 2.5 hours to help me.

Tyler: There were a few moments that led me to tell myself she was the one. One time my wife cooked for my cousin, when we barely knew each other. Then one of the first times we hung out she cooked for me again. There was a time someone in my family was sick and she willing prayed for that person and told her family to pray as well. How we used to talk all the time and just have great conversation without crossing the friend boundaries made me feel I had no reason to ever stop talking to her. Then finally when my wife threw me a surprise birthday party it really hit me that “this woman is the one”

Oby: How did he propose:

Nyamayia: It was our second anniversary and he planned the entire day, first he took me to the restaurant we had our first date at (I didn’t even realize). After we got a couple massage, then he took me out to dinner. After dinner we were walking and talking the city and he turned to me and said “how much do you love me” and I responded “a lot” and he said prove it (Ii was so confused and simultaneously pulling him from a proposal set up) then he says “marry me” and the all of my friends and family came running out screaming and I realized it was for me.

Oby: Thank you for coming. xoxo. You guys are so cute.

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I hope you enjoyed their love story, until next time, Bye.

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