7 Things To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Date

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Congratulations! You finally said yes! Cheers to forever with your loved one. Now to the next most important question, “How do you choose your wedding date?” Now a lot of factors come into play while choosing this and it’s a normally hard decision to make. We’ve decided to make this journey easier for brides to be. So with a lot of research and carefully put together points here are 7 things to consider before choosing a wedding date.

  • WEATHER/SEASON: In Nigeria for those who want an outdoor wedding should stay away from months like June, July because this is when the rainy season is at its peak and is most likely to disrupt your wedding. Of course no one can control the weather but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Instead if you must marry at this time it’s advisable to choose a reception venue.
  • FESTIVE/HOLIDAY PERIOD: This is another thing to consider like Christmas, Easter etc. Are close family and friends around by this time? If not this is a good time to set your wedding date. It’s a usually merry season so people look out for owambes (Yoruba word for party) and igbankwu (Igbo word for weddings) they can attend and showcase. Trust them to spray you lots of money on you and a lot of people will save money throughout the whole year just to have fun and unwind these periods.
  • MAJOR EVENTS: This is another huge factor to consider. While choosing, be careful not to choose a date that clashes with another major family event or the birthday of a loved one or anything of the sort. Choose a time void of all these things where it’ll be just all about you and your spouse alone.
  • VENDOR AVAILABILITY: October, November and December are month when most vendors aren’t available due to excess weddings and they become more expensive due to multiple jobs. So if you’re on a budget you can choose months apart from these and vendors tend to be less expensive these times.
  • YOUR MENSTRUAL CYCLE: I can’t even begin to imagine, a bride seeing her menstrual cycle on her wedding day. So with the help of apps you can find on the internet, you can book a doctor’s appointment, and you should be able to have an idea or at least a week to guess when it’ll come and make your choice according to what you’ve seen. An example of apps that could help track your menstrual cycle are: clue period tracker ovulation, flo period and ovulation tracker to mention a few.
  • BUDGET: You might have a goal of the amount of money to spend for the wedding and your savings haven’t quite reached that goal. This is another factor has you need to have enough time to reach that goal and also plan your wedding properly.
  • TIME: After the wedding some couples just imagine the perfect wedding and happily ever after. But forget that there’s a lot of planning to be done that will make that big day truly magical, whether you want to get married as soon as possible or not enough time is still needed to put things in place.

This is one of the major decisions that intending couples need to make before proper preparations can even start. Once these factors are put into consideration it’ll make choosing the wedding date easier and wedding planning less stressful. Till next time then.   

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