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So it is Yemisi’s wedding and you’re so happy for her, you bought your asoebi, sewed a bella naija worthy style and you came to be celebrate with her and have a good time. Then it’s time for the food and you sit pretty in your seat waiting because you’re hungry and have done a lot of dancing. “Erm excuse me, where’s my food?” you ask, “I’m coming, please just hold on” the waiter replies as she rushes off with her tray. Two hours passed and no one has answered you except for the bottled water you managed to get. People start to get angry, you see Yemisi’s mom angry and shouting at someone who seems to be the head caterer. People on your table start to get angry, some even stand up and leave….

I’m sure you all can relate with this story, what is it with Nigerian weddings and food? In our culture, food is the most important thing in events, especially weddings. It puts your guests in high spirits and it’s a compensation for those who came from afar. If your food is great, trust me, the wedding will still be talked about for a long time. People hardly remember decorations or music or the brides dress but food. hmm. The question is why is food always not enough in Nigerian weddings?

It’s normal tradition in weddings because, someone will always go home hungry and there will always be the nursing mother that will ask for food for her 9 months old baby, or the man who always comes back for beer and an extra wrap of swallow, the slay queen who will pour a plate of chicken or small chops into her bag (aunty we hail oh), not to mention the “mamas” that came ready with new polythene bags to gather enough food to feed their extended family lol. Who did this to us? We all need help because all these are minor issues that can end up contributing to a big problem on the couple’s big day. Why can’t we be like the Europeans who are okay with just a glass of champagne and a piece of cake (lol sissy you and who?)

Nothing is wrong with taking what’s available and taking extra when there’s more than enough. Couples pleaseeeeee! cook what your budget can carry and put responsible and no-nonsense people in charge of the food because Nigerians can be “mad” sometimes. Vendors, always be professional and deliver just as you’re asked to in quality and quantity. Guests, please always respect your selves and don’t involve in anything that will cause problems. Patience is a virtue. This issue of food in Nigerian weddings has to stop for it has gone on for long. Thanks for listening to my rant (drops pen).

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