June Wedding Diaries: How We Started And The Journey So Far

Hey guys, welcome to the month of June, none is as excited as I am for this month because it signifies a lot for us as a business and a brand. June is our anniversary and by the 25th of this month, we will be 3 years and all we are is grateful. I want to take you guys down memory lane and tell you how the brand came to be and how much we’ve grown over time.

It all started in 2018, I just finished my undergrad in a discipline I struggled with because I absolutely hated it but at that point, realization dawned on me that I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. The next thing I would have done was take a bank job but I knew frustration will kill me. I further thought, should I enroll for my masters, but I didn’t want to do it in Nigeria, so if a scholarship didn’t pull through, I would keep on applying and applying, I wasn’t ready for that stress. So, I sat down with God. Wrote all my skills, talents and gifts on paper and I started praying and started inquiring of the Lord, which path has he designed for me, boom! Event planning. So, I began to do so much research, apply for internships to various companies in Nigeria and London and fortunately for me, I got a positive response from my London connect and that was the beginning of my journey.

Being an averagely good writer, I knew there are so many stories and information I wanted to put out but I didn’t have a platform, So I said to myself, why not open a blog and that’s how June Wedding Diaries came to be. It wasn’t rosy, there has been so many ups and downs for the brand and trying to juggle it with my 9-5 has been really hard but consistency has kept us in the hearts of our readers. We have put out consistent wedding content intentionally and we have featured many beautiful couples over the years.

We are now a team of 4 and we are waxing strong. In October 2020, I started the wedding planning side of the business and we have officially coordinated 2 events and currently planning 1 wedding. Many people thought, who starts a business in a pandemic but when God says it’s time, it’s time. Apart from electricity infrequency, bad network, the constant inflation and expensive data, I think the major obstacle I have faced is “Impostor syndrome” Over the years, someone will say something or react a certain way that will make me doubt who I am or reduce the importance of the work I have done or how I have grown. Honestly, I am grateful for you guys, your support and love, communication with the brand and interaction with our content leaves me blessed every time. Growth is the foundation we stand upon but most importantly growth in the right direction is what we stand for. The fact that we get to put smiles on peoples faces is the only Joy we need.

Until next time, Bye.

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