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Today we’ll be talking about veils. Most bride’s to be don’t know that there are different types of veils they can make their choice from, that will complete that beautiful look on their big day. We’ll be educating you on different types of veils and their uses.

Cathedral Veil: A cathedral Veil is the longest type of veil and extends beyond the trail of the bride’s gown. It’s the best veil to make a statement and is best worn with a mermaid gown, a floor length dress and the likes. If you are a tall bride, the beauty of the cathedral Veil is sure to come out more

Bird-Cage Veil: It is a type of veil that covers part of the face measuring approximately 30cm-45cm from the comb to the edge of the material. This type of veil is very unconventional, for the brides who like to try something new and stylish. It is best worn with short dresses

Mantilla Veil: This is a Spanish-style circular veil with a thick lace trim along the edges framing the bride’s face. A mantilla wedding veil is a timeless, sophisticated finishing touch to a bride’s perfect wedding day look.

Fingertip Veil: A fingertip veil is a veil that will work for a formal bridal look and even a casual one. As the name implies it reaches down to the fingertips of the bride. This will suit the modern bride the most.

Blusher Veil: It is a type of wedding veil that covers the bride’s face until presented to the groom. This is more beautiful when the veil is beautified with intricate details like pearls. This gives a mix of a modern and traditional bride’s look. The can be worn with big and full wedding dresses.

Tiered veil: A tiered bridal veil has two layers at the back. The two tiers consist of a longer layer that forms the veil and a shorter veil that forms the blusher. This allows the blusher to be lifted easily and rested above the longer veil layer to achieve a more voluminous waterfall effect cascading down the bride’s back.

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