Beverly and Bismark’s Love Story.

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It all began in 2014 when Bismark’s brother received a plus-one invite for a friend’s graduation party and decided to take his brother with him. That friend happened to be Beverly and the moment Bismark laid eyes on her he was intrigued. Confident, amiable, smart, and funny she entered the room and engaged with all her guests. Bismark would enjoy himself that day, but nothing would come from it and he would leave without knowing much more about the girl whose graduation he had come to celebrate. Years would go by of them bumping into each other during the holidays, but no real conversation sparked. Both parties were very interested in each other but neither had the courage to take any action. This all changed in 2017.

That June, at Chris’s(Bismark’s brothers) traditional engagement, Beverly made a move and decided to share her secret crush with a mutual friend. Bismark would follow up with a text that would change everything. These continued crossed paths would finally have meaning. The stares would later transform into conversations about life, faith, the future, each other’s stories, and finally their love. The time they have spent together has continuously brought them peace, joy, and growth. Upon this realization, they realized this to be a forever thing. Today they start a forever journey, marriage. In all things find purpose. The person you run into a few times can become the same person you fall in love with and start a life with.


  • How did you guys meet?

Bev: I first met Bismark in 2014 at my graduation party for my master’s degree in Public Health. I had invited his cousin Chris who I was friends with to attend the party. Chris brought his cousin Bismark, who had recently moved from the UK, as a plus one. The sparks were there, but when we met, I had a boyfriend. Our paths didn’t really cross until his cousin got married in 2017. We had seen each other from time to time over the years, but it wasn’t until his cousin had his traditional engagement, that I decided take the plunge. And by take the plunge I mean, ask a friend to talk to him for me. The feelings were mutual, and by the end of the engagement I had a text from Bismark, sharing interest in me. We have been together ever since.

Bismark: I first set eyes on Beverly in 2014 when I attended her master’s graduation party with my older brother who went to the same University as Beverly. I was mesmerized with how beautiful she was in the midst of so many people, and I remember thinking to myself “whoever marries her in the future is lucky and blessed”. This initial encounter did not materialize into anything fruitful until 2017 when a friend made me aware that there was this special lady who is keen to know me. To my shock, this special lady was Beverly, and I was shocked and astonished that such a beautiful, intelligent, God fearing, selfless, respectful, and hardworking woman had not been snatched by any man. I did not waste any time and quickly got Beverly’s phone number and the rest is now history.

  • What traits do you value most in your partner?

Bev: What I value about Bismark is that he’s very mature and goal-oriented. Whatever he sets his mind to, he works extremely hard to accomplish it. Likewise in our relationship, very early on we knew that this would turn into something serious. Our relationship was long distance from the very start. Bismark had been accepted to the University of Arizona when we first started dating, and I lived in New York. Bismark worked hard to make sure that I never felt alone. From always communicating to planning trips to see each other, Bismark made sure this continued to grow. Even in our marriage, communication and setting goals are things that we both value in our relationship.

Bismark: Here are a few qualities and attributes that drew me to Beverly and over the years has made me fallen in love with her even more if that’s possible:

  • God fearing – which to me was the first thing I was looking for in a partner. Beverly’s commitment to wanting to get closer to God through prayers and devotion is something I truly admire. From the start of our relationship, she pushed for us to share the word of God and prayer sessions, and this has changed my life for the better and I could not thank her enough.
  • Selflessness, kindness, and generous – From noticing her the first time at her graduation party and seeing her at church around close friends, I could tell Beverly cared for her loved ones. But I never imagined that her selflessness extended far beyond her close circle. From setting up charity programs to help young girls in Ghana to the simple things she continues to do for people even at her expense sometimes is something I truly admire and will continue to support. This quality has truly shown me why her loved ones hold her so dearly.
  • Family oriented – Beverly’s love for her family not just her immediate family but also extended family is amazing. Her willingness to always reach out to everyone to see how they are doing is something I hold in high regard. Family means a lot to me and since becoming a part of my life Beverly have taken my family like her own and I could not be any more grateful for your acceptance.
  • Her beautiful smile – This might not mean a lot to many people but to me it makes my day every time I see her smile. When I am down, upset, or having a bad day, Beverly’s smile seems to make everything better. I have always said “it makes my heart smile”.
  • Her sense of fashion, always on point – For someone who does not spend money, Beverly’s dressing always blows me away. My friends are always commenting “I am dating a fashion model” and I could not agree anymore with them. I am lucky to have her in my life to always dress me and hold me to her high standards.
  • Sense of adventure – Beverly is an outdoors person and I love that about her. She is always down to try new things out and always pushing her comfort zone. I hope there are many more adventures ahead of us as a couple and with our kids.
  • Her beauty – I am not referring to physical beauty, which she has in abundance but internal beauty. For such an educated, intelligent, and stunning lady, she is so humble and respectful. These qualities amongst all the others I have listed above is what I find attractive about her.
  • What do you guys like doing together?

Bev: Bismark and I are very active and love to travel. We love hiking, exploring different cites, watching football, and spending time with friends.

  • When you tell your friend about your husband and wife, when you guys were dating, what did you say?

Bev: I knew the moment we had ran into each other again that this had the potential to be something great.  When we first met, I did not know he was from the UK. Every time we ran into each other he would never speak just stare at me. At first, I thought he disliked me, but I was still intrigued LOL. I used to run to my best friend Telisha gushing over the boy who only stared at me but never spoke. To be fare he did laugh at my jokes in group settings but never spoke to me. When we dated, I used to tell her how we were so similar, we loved the same things, and wanted the same things out of life.

Bismark: I remember telling my friends, Jacob, Daniel, and Bowen, how lucky I am to have found an angel who is driven and has the same attributes as myself. I vowed to them early on that I have found Mrs. Amofah and someday in the future they will be alongside me when we tie the knot.

  • What thoughts come into your mind when you think about him or her?

Bev: When I think of Bismark I think of finally getting my long-time crush. I think of all the things that happened in our life that got us to that point. Our journey hasn’t been easy but it has been worthwhile. I have the full package in my husband. God- fearing, beautiful, super intelligent, and so kind. I feel so lucky to have him.

Bismark: That I am truly lucky, and I have found my soulmate and my life partner. I have found the mother to my kids and finally my best friend who loves me unconditionally.

  • What happened and in what moment did you know he/she is “THE ONE”

Bev: I knew he was the one the summer we started dating. I had a big volunteer opportunity to go teach in Ghana and was stressed out creating presentations. Bismark used to meet everyday after work to help me finish my presentations. He barely knew me, but wanted to see me excel. This is how it’s been our entire relationship. He has never been intimidated by me, but instead we feed off of each other’s ambition. Initially, I was so shocked by his attentiveness and kindness, but also very hopeful that this man could be a forever thing. The good lord heard my prayers!!! LOL

Bismark: When Beverly told me she was going to Ghana in the summer of 2017 to support orphanage girls. I though wow, this lady is driven and cares about the needs of others and is willing to put her money where her mouth where her mouth was. Once again, her selflessness is very attractive to me

  • How did he propose?

Bismark had told me that he would be at a conference in San Francisco, presenting his research. He called me every night to tell me how things were going at the conference, and sounded very convincing. That weekend my mom had told the family to accompany her to an awards ceremony for her job as a nurse. At first, I something in the back of my head told me something was us up just the way she approached me about it and it being so sudden, but I went along anyways. Things go weirder when we got to the ceremony at a very fancy hotel and there were barely any people there. My mom brushed it off and said that we were early so we sat waiting in the hotel ballroom waiting for other guests to arrive. I was sitting there looking at the menu, when I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to see Bismark down on one knee. The rest is just tears, and me being a mess as Bismark professed his love and proposed.

Thank you guys for coming through. I hope you fall in love with this couple as much as we have. Until next time, Bye.

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