Wedding Stationaries For a Fun Wedding experience

Planning a wedding can be a fun and exciting experience but if extra care isn’t  taken  and if details are not properly taken care of, then alot of things are sure to go wrong. You have to send out invites to the exact number of people invited to your wedding, the table number, menu and other things are details that needs to be taken care of. This is where wedding stationaries come in.

Wedding stationaries consists of all your wedding-related paper goods. It should definitely include your save-the-dates and invitations, as well as your thank you cards and other important information (like programs, travel information and hotel options). Without these stationeries, details tend to get missing and programs might be in disorder. Here are six important stationeries you need at your wedding:

  1. Invitation cards: Invitation cards as we all know are very important, this is the most formal and basic way to invite someone to a wedding, it can also be used for security reasons so that people who aren’t invited won’t be able to enter and cause chaos or anything of the sort. It consists of the address of the venue, the bride’s and grooms name, the rsvp and every basic information the bride and groom needs to pass across. The number of invitation cards sent out can also be used to make provision for the guests that will come. A very important wedding stationery right?
  2. Access cards: An access card is a plastic card with a microchip or magnetic strip containing encoded data that is read by passing the card through or over an electronic device, used to provide access to restricted or secure areas or systems.The Access control cards will actually work as a stylish data card that will pull up any information you want on a big screen to let your guests know where they can be seated as such and to confirm wedding invites are authentic. Another little something to make your event special. This is mainly used for exclusive weddings/events. With this little o
    r no security is needed.
  • Menu cards: A menu card is another important wedding stationery, it is a designed paper which contains all the food and drinks to be served at a wedding and is placed on each table for people to make an order of what they want to eat or drink. This way, the ushers won’t need to stress themselves and there won’t be any mix up with orders.
  • Table Number: The table number is used for a wedding with assigned table arrangements. A guest will find a card (or similar item) that has their name and assigned table number on it. Each table then has a corresponding table number letting the guest know where to sit. With this wedding stationery there is little or no confusion on where to sit and who to sit with.


  • Ceremony/Program Card: A wedding program is traditionally a piece of paper that lists out details of your celebration. It normally contains a wedding day timeline, order of the ceremony, details about ceremony readings and information about the wedding. This way guest won’t be confused as to what to expect next and the MC will be swift and precise.

  •   Thank you Card: A card written as a thank you to someone, usually in response to receiving a gift or having been invited to attend an event. This is also needed in a wedding, to express gratitude for them honoring your invitation. This may seem insignificant, but it goes a long way.

Wedding stationery are very important for every wedding, these items go a long way in the success of your wedding. If you haven’t thought about it then I hope your mind is changed. Our goal is to make sure your wedding is top notch no matter the budget.

Till next time.

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