Cutting down a wedding list is one of the hardest decisions to make especially in this part of the world, but someone has got to do it, and that person is you. The chances that people will take it personal is high because wedding ceremonies are very important in our culture where people come to have fun, unwind and partake in your happiness. All the same, it’s your wedding and you call the shots! Because you have to fit the wedding list to your budget and do what works for you.

Here are 5 ways to cut down your wedding list:

Be Realistic

Be very realistic about your guest numbers to avoid stress in the long run. Your guest number determines alot of things like the venue to choose, the food and Ultimately the overall cost of your wedding. When people ask about the wedding after your engagement, you can then tell them that you plan on doing something small and intimate. That way their minds will prepared on whether they might be invited or not.

Plus ones and Children

Keep things straight foward and make a set rule about plus-ones. It’s either everyone gets a plus one, or married people or people in a long term relationship or nobody. The same is true with children. You can say no to children, except close family or even all children. Just make it clear on the invitation whether it includes children and plus-ones. Obviously you can definitely make an exception for close friends and family on this.

Decide Whether to Invite your Co-workers

If you have room on your guest list, invite everyone in your group or department or none. However, your closest office colleagues can make the exceptions. They are your friends and not just your colleagues. If your wedding is bigger, you can invite your boss especially if you work at a small company.

Don’t be sentimental With Family

Here I’m talking about distant relatives. The ones you’re not in any way close to or haven’t seen or communicated with in a long time. When cutting down the list it’ll be easy to remove people who fall in this category as the chance of “hurt feelings” will be low.

Be Honest

When you and your spouse makes the list and want to show your parents and close friends, do so at your own risk because your parents might want to invite every one from their office or local church. Also, your friends might want to invite their friends. Be very honest, tell them what you want and your budget, then compromises can be made and conclusions drawn. At the end of the day, you just want to have a good time with your spouse and have as minimal stress as possible.

This is a hard part of planning a wedding, but we are here to help you get through it.

Unpopular Opinion: Weddings with smaller populations tend to be more organised, successful, and satisfying than weddings with larger ones.

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