Being a bridesmaid can be fun and engaging especially if it’s for a close friend but it also means agreeing to a lot of responsibilities. A bridesmaid is expected to plan and attend all pre-wedding parties, handle some duties that will be delegated to her and be present and available to the bride on the wedding day.

We’ve made a list of the basic duties a bridesmaid should carry out. Whether you’re a  friend, sibling, or relative who’s been given this role, you will have no problem if you follow these guidelines.


Once you’ve been picked to be one of the Bridesmaids start budgeting, because you don’t expect the bride to pay for everything. She might pay for your dress but what about your hair, makeup, shoes and other accessories? Set some money aside to cover these other expenses.


You can help the maid of honour and other bridesmaids to plan a surprise bridal shower for the bride. This will make the bride know she has people she can count on and be thankful she chose you girls. Mind you, it doesn’t need to be a big event if funds are not enough. Just cake, balloons and good vibes can make the bride shed a tear.


With a lot of activities going on, the bride might get overwhelmed with so much going on, so its your job to help her as much as you can and also be observant with is going on around her. It could be something as big as making sure her other friends and family who came received their gifts, to something as small as picking up her phone charger that fell while her things were being packed, helping her in and out of cars or even arranging her veil. As a bridesmaid it’s your job to help minimize the bride’s stress and help her enjoy her day.


For the bride to have chosen you to be her bridesmaid that means you mean a lot to her and you are her one of her closest friends or family;

  • Keep her happy and smiling at all times.
  • Make sure you assist the Maid of Honour in any way you can. She can’t do everything.
  • If the wedding stress is getting to you, Do Not Complain because the bride is sure stressed more than you are.
  • Carry a small bag with healthy snacks and water to keep her hydrated for the day as she might not have time to eat.
  • When it’s time to dance, do it with all joy for the bride to be happy.
  • Always make sure the bride is the center of attention, never drag any unnecessary attention to yourself after all it’s the bride’s big day.
  • Lastly make sure you and the other bridesmaids get along, even with each other’s differences there’s enough drama already.



During the planning of the wedding, you can be asking questions  and getting informed about important information and parts of the wedding like the bachelorette party, the bridal shower and most importantly the wedding day!

People will have a lot of questions to ask or directions to somewhere or something and it’s your job to minimize the bride’s stress by helping out and informing the guests about what they need to know.


Don’t be a drag, make sure you participate in all aspects of the ceremony. Always stay close to the bride unless you have important things to attend to. When it’s time to take pictures bring out your best smile. You and other bridesmaids can hail the bride while she’s dancing. Encourage other guests to come to the dance floor. Make the ceremony lively and be a good role model for other guests.


This is not compulsory but necessary. No matter how big or small, it will go a long way because of the thought behind it. But something you think she might like and need. The bride will be very grateful and won’t forget in a long time.

Being a bridesmaid isn’t easy honestly but it’s also fun. The duties of a bridesmaid can vary from wedding to wedding. Brides should keep in mind the situation of each bridesmaid and consider their budget. Bridesmaids should be supportive of the bride. Just do the best you can and make sure everything within your power goes well. As you fulfill your duties make sure to also have fun, after all it’s a wedding.

Till next time then.

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