Pre-wedding photos are photos taken by an intending couple, months, weeks or days before their wedding. The pictures are officially used to announce their marriage to friends and family, as the backdrop banner for their wedding and also for their invitations, program/ceremony card amongst others.

Everything has to be planned, from the matching clothes, to the location of the shoot, to the choice of a photographer. When all these is done, the couple faces a minor issue which is not so minor, which is the poses to take.

Here we bring you, nice pre wedding shoot poses you can try out;

The Piggy Back Ride – The piggy back ride gives this fun and playful vibe between the couple. This is recommended if the couple wants their pictures to depict something laid-back, fun and cosy.

The Twirl – This is a classic pre-wedding shoot pose. Here the man and woman holds each other’s hands up in the air while the woman is in a semi turn. This gives off the idea that he’s twirling the her while they’re dancing. This is a very cute pose and to make it more presentable they both smile or laugh.

The Dip – This is another fun pose to try out. Here the man dips the lady down and holds her waist while she holds his waist with one hand and his shoulder with the other hand, then one of her legs are slightly raised up.

This beautiful union of two souls, making one heart:   

The Classic Lift – This is a beautiful pose and shows a couple that’s so much in love . Here the man carries the woman up straight and their torsos are joined together then one of the woman’s knees are bent back wards and the other straight. You can laugh, smile or look into each others eye to add style to the pose.


Some people may even ask, are pre wedding shoots important?

Yes they are because:

*It gives you ideas for poses and styles that will suit you best on your wedding day.

*Compile new photos for creating your wedding story.

*Enables you to know the expertise of the photographer and also increases the rapport between you and the photographer. Then, it will be easier to flow with him/her on your big day.


Till next time then.

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