Creative Ways to Add Touches to Your Intimate Wedding Décor

It’s such a beautiful day to be alive. I hope we are having a fab week so far. Today I am going to be dropping tips here and there on how to level up your intimate wedding décor. Intimate weddings are not like regular weddings. They need more meticulousness and heart and today I will drop little tips on how give it that extra flair. Here goes:

  1. Ditch the round tables and go for a long estate table: Most weddings have round tables of 10 but now that you have a smaller guest size, why not use a family dinner style instead. The guests can sit more closely together and everyone can feel the love and togetherness that comes with friendship and family.


2. Use Crystals or Chandeliers: Because there are small number of guests and tables so therefore the centerpieces will be 5 to 8 at most, use drooping crystals from the ceilings to give it that encompassing feeling. It immediately fills up the place and makes the venue smaller.








3. Go Rustic: Its a smaller wedding, so why spend so much money on a venue while you could have a backyard/barn wedding. Rustic themed weddings are on the rise now and they make so much beauty available in seemingly useless objects.




4. Send Hand-written Invitations or make hand-written Menu Cards.

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