So today I’m going to enlighten you all on how to incorporate street food into your wedding menus. It’s a whole new concept and you don’t know how to go about it right? Let’s get into it!

First off, we are in 2021 and people are now becoming more flexible while making choices for their weddings. Being unconventional is the new trend as everyone adds their own spice and make unique choices for their wedding to be special and one of a kind.

To inspire your own creative menu, we’ve rounded up our favorite street food that can be incorporated into food that can be served at a wedding.

We bring you alternative food menus;

  1. ABACHA: Popular among the Igbos, abacha is also known as African Salad and it is a popular Nigerian snack made with dried shredded cassava and other ingredients. It’s a lovely food alternative for Nigerian weddings as its loved by many. Garnished with garden eggs, meat, fish, tomatoes, ugba etc. Your guests are sure to have a good time.
  2. SUYA: Also known as barbeque meat, suya is a national treasure. Mostly eaten in the night time, it is roasted and garnished with lots of pepper, onions and cabbages. If you don’t want to entertain your guests with the normal menu, suya is a great food option and is best served with cold drinks.
  3. BOLE & FISH: Pronounced as Ball-e, Bole and fish is one of the popular traditional and street foods in Nigeria and it’s my personal favorite. A classic Nigerian street food said to have originated in Port Harcourt, the capital city of Rivers State, Nigeria. Port Harcourt bole and fish is a cuisine of roasted plantain and smoked/grilled fish (the plantain could be ripe, half-ripe or unripe). This is a great and thoughtful food alternative at a wedding because it’s different from the common Jollof & Fried rice.
  4. EWA AGOYIN: This is a popular street food especially among the yorubas. It derives its name from ewa, the Yoruba word for beans, and agoyin, the name Lagosians adopted to describe people from Ghana, Togo, and Benin Republic. Ewa agoyin is usually served with agege bread, a sweet, soft and white bread. For a wedding it can also be served with fried plantains and fried fish.

So please don’t be scared try it out at your event, it’ll be nice for a change and it’s also    budget friendly too.

Till next time then.

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