Hey June wedding diary readers, I hope your taking advantage of this break and taking your well deserved break. Indeed tis the season to be merry and we come bearing gifts. We are bringing you all the love this Christmas from Movie recommendations, to Albums to books and a lot more. Please stay tuned as we serenade you.

  1. Our book recommendation for this season is A Lineage of Grace: A lineage of grace is a story of five women who changed eternity. They gave their lives to Birth our savior Jesus Christ and our best story being the last book: Unafraid. This book will renew your love for the sacrifice Jesus Christ came to give for us.

2. Our movie recommendation: Though “This Christmas” will always be at the top of our list, our movie recommendation for this holiday is A Naija Christmas A Naija Christmas tells the story of an ageing mother who is distraught because her sons have refused to get married and give her grandchildren. She challenges them by offering the first son to marry her Ikoyi house as his inheritance.

3. We are unashamed!! We are in the festive spirit and we believe the language of the highest love possible is music. You can access our June Weddings Christmas Playlist here.



We hope you enjoyed our box and we hope you have a detty December without debts in the new year. muahh.

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