Gift ideas from Nigerian Owned Brands for Valentine.

Valentine’s day is close by and you might be very confused as to what you might gift your partner. Well gather here we have gist for you, lol.

Here we’ve curated a list of 5 gift ideas you could get for your partner from Nigerian brands. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

  1. A Gift Set- @thegiftshop_ng is a Nigerian owned brand based in Enugu Nigeria. This is a major go-to brand whenever the word “gift” comes to mind. They offer the basic valentine gift set you could ever imagine. This comprises a teddy bear, a love card, roses, cupcakes, small chops and the likes. It’s very cute and thoughtful but custom gifts can also be delivered if you want. If you would want to go basic and remind your partner that they’re always on your mind, this gift set is highly recommended with a thoughtful and expressive note at the end of the course. Well, just trust us and patronize them.2. Jewellery- @ace.jewelries is another brand whose energy and business style we admire. For this valentine, they have a lover’s package both for Him & Her packages, which comprise a wristwatch, bracelets, cufflinks, necklaces, wine, flowers and bracelets, brooch, and knuckle rings, necklace, flowers and wine respectively. Custom made and matching jewellery can also be gotten at awesome and affordable prices. Also, if you are ready to pop the big question, they’re the best plug for a beautiful ring.


  1. Valentine Getaway- @ziroc_apartments is a brand that short lets beautifully furnished and fully serviced apartments to clients for birthdays, weekend getaways and the like. Currently, there’s a valentine’s package for couples on the 13th & 14th of February which includes a couple’s massage, saxophonist serenade, breakfast in bed, romantic dinner and other awesome things in one of these beautiful apartments. This is a great gift idea for you and your partner to unwind from the work stress and other engagements.

  1. Perfumes- @tifes_hub is a brand that deals in perfumes. If you’re a sucker for nice scents and great perfumes then do well to patronise them. This great gift idea comes with a full box set comprising of perfume, body mist, reed diffuser and scented candles. All at an affordable price. The box can also be customised with your partner’s name. What a thoughtful gift idea right? (I’ll personally keep the box even when I’m done with all products inside, lol)

  1. 5. Food tray @enugufoodtray as their name implies is a food tray company that delivers food trays and lunch boxes to people. It’s a yummy gift idea that comprises food, small chops, wine, fruits, and a Valentine-themed cake. If you don’t have any major plans, we recommend ordering a tray and basically Netflix and chill with your partner and have fun generally.

Ps: These gift ideas aren’t just restricted to people married or in a relationship. It can also be gifted to your parents, friends, children, even your boss at work, except gift 3 lol.

We just want you to have the best valentine’s Day ever!

Till next time then.

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