Vendor Spotlight – Otu Sally “The Magician”

No one is more smitten by this man than I and it is such an honour to have him in our chair today. We are featuring, one of the most talented and sought after Cinematographers in the Nigerian wedding industry, Otusally. Popularly known as “The Magician” Otu is giving us front row seats into the life of a wedding cinematographer. With his great sense of humor he enlightens us about the difficulties he has faced in his industry and the solutions he has implemented causing a positive change in his line of work. There is no doubt that Otu is an authority in his niche and we can’t wait to drink from his fountain of knowledge. Grab some popcorn and ice-cream or a cup of coffee or tea and lets get into it.


Oby: it’s so great to have you with us today Otu. Please can you introduce yourself, where you are from and what you do.

Otusally: My name is Otu Effiong Ukpanyang. I am popularly known as Otusally. I am the CEO of Otufilms. I am a Nigeria-based filmmaker and Cinematography Instructor, from Calabar, Cross River State. Nope! I don’t eat dog meat; thanks for not asking, lol.

Oby: Hahaha.

Otusally: I run a Wedding Cinematography Masterclass where I mentor the next generation of storytellers. As a videographer, my shy personality contrasts my audacious visual storytelling style, which earned me the title of “the magician.” The moniker has served as a luxury stamp in the various high-profile weddings I have filmed, some of which have been featured in top wedding blogs all over the world.

Oby: This is really Inspiring! Why did you decide to pursue a career in wedding cinematography?

Otusally: Love Stories; Everyone who has been in love, experienced love or appreciates love will understand that nothing is more therapeutic than being wrapped around the feeling of love. And this evolved into a career borne out of the passion for documenting how happy people look on their wedding day. And I see my job as a privilege to capture such priceless moments. Also, Job creation and Money!!, Lol.

 Oby: Lol. What three words would you use in describing your brand?

Otusally: Magic, Excellence and Luxury.

Oby: That’s beautiful. I would like to ask, What’s the driving force behind your passion and determination?

Otusally: God. My love for creating beautiful love stories. The need to stretch my creative genius to outdo my last experience. This keeps me on my toes and helps me prove how infinite our creativity is.

Oby: That’s really inspiring. So please, This particular question, we want you to be honest. What’s the most outrageous feedback you’ve ever received from a client?

Otusally: Bruuh!!! I created what by my standard was a masterpiece with some songs. I sent it to a client and expected her mind to be blown. But I got a reply that did not only teach me humility but also reminded me of the importance of the clients perspective. In her words “Otu, how could you use these dead songs. This is not you Otu, who edited this thing you shared with me”… I was broken because I knew the work that was put into that piece. Although I gave her what she wanted, the feedback still stuck with me. But it was a learning curve for me.

 Oby: Wow. But truly we can only be better when we welcome criticism. Thank you for your honesty. Finally, I would like to ask, What are some obstacles you’ve faced in your industry and what solutions can you give to turn things around?

Otusally: Timelines and Communication.

Timeline: There’s never free time for Wedding Editors. But rather than dwell on this obstacle, we at Otufilms created a solution with our signature look (GRADE LIKE THE MAGICIAN). Click, drag and drop preset packs of 15 and 7 LUTs to help videographers up their colouring game; you can purchase these packs on our website.

Communication: Otufilms solves this problem by providing pre-bookings. This gives us ample time to work on the creative concepts that are unique to each couple.

Oby: Thank you so much for coming through today. We’ve learnt so much from this few minutes with you and you have left us inspired and we can’t wait to have you back.

Whew! That was a fun ride.

Stay tuned to this page as more of your favourite wedding vendors will be featured here.

Till next time then.


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